Achieving Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is the process of ranking a website to ensure that it will have high visibility in the search engine results. Google is the most seen of the search engines so it's wise to optimise for Google. By doing this the webpage will also show up on Bing, Yahoo, Alta Vista and other search engines.

The SEO process is fairly well defined by some and straightforward, when followed up correctly it will produce results that are favorable. The thing that is first do is to search for keyword and keyword phrases that relate to the merchandise or idea you will be promoted. If a product is not being sold, a concept or an basic idea could be promoted, which will be fine.

For keyword finding, go right to the keyword research tool in google and input your keyword. Let’s say the keyword is engine tuning tools, because engine tuning tools will be sold. And so the phrase engine tuning tools is input and a page that is entirely made up with varying statistics will be shown. Many combinations of key phrases with engine tuning tools in the phrase show up. The item is to choose the most phrase that is descriptive the greatest statistics. The easiest phrases to optimise for are the ones with a competition factor that is low.

Assume that the phrase “superior engine tuning tools” appears and has now a monthly search of 8150 and it has a competition factor that is low. This would be a selection that is good keyword to optimise on and a starting place to build a web site. The objective is to look for something or concept which includes a higher need factor than there is websites which are competitive for this product.

Next, go to Designer Web NI and order up a domain like “”. The designer website will be hosted very inexpensively, probably free for the first year. As the website is built, the keyword phrases should be used in the title of the website and used 2 or 3 times within the physical body of the text of the webpages.

The title should be in the H1 headline and could read something such as, Why buy superior engine tuning tools?

The body of the rest of the webpage can go into the benefits and testimonies from people who have actually used the engine tuning tools and so are quite motivated and excited to relate how the engine tuning tools had been easy to use and helped save time and helped to make a superior job at engine tuning.

As soon as the web site is up and operating, it now has to be promoted. The way in which is best to do that would be to compose articles with a web link pointing back again to the engine tuning tools website. Great places to start are: and Also Sqidoo, Digg and Hubpages are good sites which can be used for promotional articles with links. Posting on blog sites will produce traffic back once again to the new website.

In this mode, he that has the product quality links that are most posting back into the website wins. If 50 to 100 links are made of a good nature, it shall assist to improve the rank of the site on Google immensely. The quest ought to be to find blog sites that will allow posting in the certain area of your item. For example, a blog which has as its subject material “Cars and bike performance”, and has a Google ranking on the page would certainly desire a hyperlink from. Note that Google is no longer updating PageRank, but make sure that the sites are relevant. Recently social media signals have been used to identify popular websites, so getting links from social media sites and social bookmarking sites will also help your website rankings and traffic.

Designer Web NI can help in all aspects of ethical SEO to get your website seen by humans and assist in generating leads. There is much more to SEO than what is mentioned here as it can become a very complex task to achieve the best results, especially for #1 position in Google for hundreds of keyword phrases and not just for your business name (this is how to get REAL targetted traffic to your website).