PowerFeed Tumblr IFTTT Recipes

Extra PowerFeed Tumblr Recipes

IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr > Storify connects tumblr to storify IFTTT Recipe: Facebook page > Twitter connects facebook-pages to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Delicious > Twitter connects delicious to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Storify > Twitter connects storify to twitter IFTTT Recipe: Bitly > Twitter connects bitly to twitter

IFTTT Recipe: Add Wordpress URL to Dropbox connects wordpress to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Blogger URL to Dropbox connects blogger to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Tumblr URL to Dropbox connects tumblr to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Facebook page URL to Dropbox connects facebook-pages to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Tweet URL to Dropbox connects twitter to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Delicious URLs to Dropbox connects delicious to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Bitly Links to Dropbox connects bitly to dropbox IFTTT Recipe: Add Storify post URL to Dropbox connects storify to dropbox

Built in PowerFeed Tumblr BC Recipes

IFTTT Recipe: RSS > Tumblr connects feed to tumblr IFTTT Recipe: Wordpress > Tumblr connects wordpress to tumblr IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr > Delicious connects tumblr to delicious IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr > Evernote connects tumblr to evernote IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr > Facebook page connects tumblr to facebook-pages IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr > Twitter connects tumblr to twitter

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